Three GAMES Econ Experts Recognized As Leading Competition Economists

Madrid/Mexico City/Buenos Aires Who’s Who Legal named GAMES Econ experts Elisa Mariscal, Esteban Greco and Juan Delgado to its 2022 list of Competition Economists.


WWL draws on the recommendations of clients and private practitioners to identify competition economists around the world, considered to be the best consultants, expert witnesses and advisers. They are highlighted for their provision of expert knowledge and testimony in complex antitrust matters, including merger reviews, cartel investigations and abuse of dominance matters, alongside the superb advice they provide to lawyers and clients on intricate matters of competition economics.


Dr Elisa Mariscal is a managing director at GAMES Econ, based in the firm’s Mexico City office. She has an expertise in unilateral conduct cases, merger analyses, market investigations and damages estimation. Among the industries that Dr Mariscal focuses on are telecommunications, manufacturing, retail industries and digital markets.


Esteban Greco is a director at GAMES Econ, based in the firm’s Buenos Aires office. He has an expertise in merger assessment, abuse of dominance investigations, cartels cases, market studies, economics of regulation and damages valuation. Among the industries that Mr Greco focuses on are energy, FinTech, digital markets and infrastructure.


Dr Juan Delgado is a managing director at GAMES Econ, based in the firm’s Madrid office. He has an expertise in cartels and monopolization cases and in the quantification of antitrust damages. Among the industries that Dr Delgado focuses on are energy, telecoms, digital markets and media and entertainment. WWL states that “Juan Delgado distinguishes himself as a competition economist in the Spanish market and is highly sought after by corporations and governments for his expertise in competition policy and regulation”.


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