Juan Delgado participates as a Guest Lecturer in The London School of Economics Summer School

Our director Juan Delgado will participate in The London School of Economics and Political Science 2024 Summer School as a Guest Lecturer of the course on Strategic Management, offered by the Department of Management of the LSE.


This course provides students with a deep understanding of how firms develop and sustain a competitive edge, focusing on creating an effective and competitive business. The course will teach students the use of microeconomic theory, game theory and organisational theory, combined with the use of real-world data to interpret and evaluate business situations, and implement successful strategies that give competitive advantage to a firm.


The course consists of 54 hours of work, divided into 36 hours of lectures and 18 hours of classes. There are two sessions to apply: 17 Jun 2024 – 5 Jul 2024, and 29 Jul 2024 – 16 Aug 2024; and no background in the field is required.  Information about the course and application instructions can be found here.

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