Leading Antitrust & Regulatory Economists Join Forces in GAMES Economics to Help Stakeholders Navigate Complex Regulatory and Business Environments

GAMES Economics brings a world of economic analysis and experience in regulation and industry to facilitate the interaction between businesses, lawyers, regulators, and judges in matters of antitrust, public policy, litigation and business strategy, across multiple jurisdictions.


GAMES Economics speaks clear economics to bridge the divide between business, policy, and society.


GAMES Economics operates as a global team from its offices in Mexico City, Madrid, Buenos Aires and Bogota.

MEXICO CITY/MADRID/BUENOS AIRES/BOGOTA, May 25, 2022 — Market-leading antitrust & regulatory economists Dr. Elisa Mariscal, Dr. Juan Delgado, Mr. Esteban Greco, and Ms. Beatriz Yemail—former officials in antitrust and regulatory agencies, and experienced economists and regulatory professionals in public and private practice—have launched a new economic consulting firm: GAMES Economics.  They are joined by academic advisors Dr. Alexander Elbittar and Dr. Fernanda Viecens, who bring their antitrust and regulatory experience from regulators and universities.


GAMES Economics experts have first-hand experience in both sides of the aisle—private and public sectors—which allows them to bring a unique and multidimensional approach to addressing complex regulatory problems. GAMES Econ offers individualized solutions to critical challenges in regulatory, legal, business strategy, and policy contexts.


GAMES Economics’ efforts are geared at helping clients better understand and explain complex analyses without sacrificing rigor or analytical standards, presenting reports that are clear and comprehensible for all stakeholders, while still maintaining principles of rigor and excellence in their work across different jurisdictions.

GAMES Economics applies state-of-the-art economic analyses and tools, to address complex problems faced by businesses, governments, and society, and communicate results in a clear and comprehensible manner.

GAMES Economics groups top economists across different jurisdictions, with extensive careers in the public and private sectors. Elisa Mariscal is the former Head of the Unilateral Conducts Directorate at the Mexican antitrust agency, has previously worked at LECG and Cornerstone Research, and has been the President and Editor-in-chief at Competition Policy International (CPI); Elisa has more than twenty years’ experience working in antitrust and regulatory matters across the world. Dr. Juan Delgado is the former Chief Economist of the Spanish antitrust agency and has previously worked, among others, for the European Commission and for the European think-tank Bruegel; he has more than ten years of experience in international economic consulting. Mr. Esteban Greco is the former Chairman of the Argentinian competition agency, where he was also a commissioner and chief economist; Esteban also served as deputy manager of economics at the Argentinian natural gas regulator and has twenty years of economic consulting experience. Ms. Beatriz Yemail has worked for the United Kingdom’s competition authority, for leading consulting firm, Oxera, and for Booth School of Business and Kellogg School of Management; she brings almost 20 years of hands-on worldwide business experience. Together, they have extensive consulting experience in advising governments, regulators, and companies in matters of antitrust, regulation, litigation, strategy and other complex cases requiring specialized economic tools and expertise.


The partners are joined by highly respected academics, Dr. Alexander Elbittar of CIDE (Center for Teaching and Research in Economics) and Dr. Fernanda Viecens of Universidad de San Andrés. They bring in-depth academic understanding and rigorous economic methods to the analysis of antitrust & regulation—Alexander y Fernanda have advised regulators, judges, and fully participated in academia, both as researchers and teachers in microeconomics, industrial organization and regulation, as well as in antitrust issues.

GAMES Economics brings together a world of knowledge: experience in industry, academic and research institutions, international consulting firms and regulatory bodies in the US, Europe and Latin America. With offices in Madrid, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Bogotá, we are well positioned to apply best international practices while exploiting regional expertise.

“Economics is a tool that allows us to speak the same language in different parts of the world. We at GAMES Econ aim to seamlessly serve our global clients as a team, while keeping our regional accent”, Mariscal said.


“Regulation is converging at the international level, and firms increasingly need global experts with local knowledge. GAMES Econ’s world-wide experience and regional presence allow us to offer a coherent approach to global questions across different regions”, Delgado said.


“Complex policy issues need a thorough understanding of the incentives faced by different stakeholders. GAMES Econ experts’ extensive experience in policymaking and consulting allows us to speak clear economics, to bridge the divide between business, policy, and society”, Greco said.


“Sophisticated but accessible economics is in high demand by corporations, regulators, and courts all over the world. GAMES Econ is aware that the need to clearly understand and untangle complex problems calls for, not only state-of-the-art economic analysis, but clear and comprehensible communication. We make complexity understandable and useful to decision-makers”, Yemail said.


For more information, please visit our website www.gamesecon.com.

About GAMES Economics

GAMES Economics (Global Analysis of Market Economics and Strategies) is a global economic consulting firm created by experienced economists and international practitioners. It is born with a commitment to better serve companies, governments, and society by applying state-of-the-art economic and data analysis to understand and solve complex problems and inform strategic decisions. GAMES Econ bridges the divide between business, policy and society, speaking economics in a rigorous, constructive and clear way.


We have worked with relevant stakeholders in the fields of:

      • Competition and antitrust
      • Economic regulation
      • National and international litigation and arbitration
      • Public policy design and impact analysis
      • Business strategy and market analysis
      • International trade


GAMES Econ’s team is made up of more than 20 economists operating out of offices in Mexico City, Madrid, Buenos Aires, and Bogota. We are committed to a diverse and inclusive work culture and strive to have a positive impact in our respective communities.


For more information, please visit our website at www.gamesecon.com.

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